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Sales, Strategy And Sponsorship Activation: We're Hiring Four New Members For The Far From Avocados Team

By Aidan Coughlan

This is the sort of post that we love to write.

On the back of a really successful couple of months, it's time for us to grow the team at Far From Avocados – bolstering our creative, production and sales teams in order to continue the fantastic growth we've been experiencing, and deliver on the exciting new projects we have under way.

Want to get in on the ground floor of a great success story? Well, look no further...

Creative Content Director

We'd previously called this Editorial Director, but we realised there's actually far more to it than that – it's not just someone who can plan and produce fantastic content, but someone who can map it to the customer journey of our clients, demonstrate how it's going to create a short-term or long-term return on investment, and work with our client services team to make it happen and make it absolutely SING.

This is one of the most exciting roles going in the agency space right now, we feel – and we really hope we can find one of the most exciting people in the industry to fill it. If that's you, hit us up!

Apply here on Jobbio

Senior Sales Manager

We've been doing a pretty good job of getting ourselves out there, making proposals, winning over clients and closing deals. But as our workload grows, we see more and more of a need to hand this business development function over to a specialist – someone who not only knows how to sell, but also truly buys into what we're here to do, can get people seriously excited about brand publishing, and can implement structures to help us bring in more and more exciting new work.

We'd be looking at someone with media sales experience – from a publisher or a media agency – and preferably someone who's managed a team, given we'll be looking to this person to grow out our new business team over time.

Apply here on Jobbio

Sponsorship Activation Specialist

Sponsorship was one of the first areas to truly embrace content – and it remains at the fore today, which is why it's a category we've identified for serious growth.

We'd like to bring on board someone with experience in this space, who not only knows how to pull together a cracking campaign, but who also knows the lay of the land, the processes, the key contacts, the agencies to hit up, and how to weave content right into the heart of this process to bring it all together.

Apply here on Jobbio

Outbound Sales Executive

Fancy being the engine that powers one of the fastest-growing agencies in Ireland?

Our outbound sales exec will be responsible for keeping the Far From Avocados pipeline full to the brim, identifying opportunities, working with our creative team to pull together dazzling proposals, and working with the Senior Sales Manager to close the deal.

Apply here on Jobbio

Working at Far From Avocados

We're a fast-growing, ambitious bunch of people who are hell-bent on changing, developing and growing the discipline of content marketing in Ireland and abroad. A pretty lofty statement, sure, but one we're confident of delivering upon. But that's not all you sign up for when you join our team.

There's also:

  • A competitive salary;
  • Paid gym membership;
  • Mental health and wellness package;
  • Automatic salary increases based on voluntary professional training;
  • A city-centre office, right next door to the best goddamn coffee in Dublin, with an in-built studio on our top floor;
  • The chance to be a part of Publish Or Perish 2018, the follow-up to our massively successful inaugural event last year

Want to know more?

Well of course.

Not wanting to sound like a Backstreet Boys song, but here's about who we arewhere we're fromwhat we do, as long as you... no, sorry, I can't get the next line in.

And just to give you a more living, breathing look at Avos in action, here's a quick look at what happened the day we hosted Ireland's first content marketing conference in Dublin last November...


Aidan Coughlan
Written by Aidan Coughlan

Co-founder of Far From Avocados (and also of a toddler)

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