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Far From Avocados By Far From Avocados • November 7, 2017

Michael Freeman, The Journal: 'It's A Truism, But If Your Mum Can See It, Younger Users Are Going To Move Elsewhere'

Journal Media is Ireland's most-read digital news source. We caught up with Commercial Creative Director Michael Freeman ahead of his talk 'Where's The Line Between Brand And Editorial? And Why This Is The Wrong Question' at last year's Publish Or Perish.

We pioneered native advertising in the Irish publishing industry and continue to innovate - our latest project uses VR technology to create value for our clients.

The way that we reach audiences evolves all the time. In the media industry nearly every month brings a new platform and a new opportunity.

The challenge facing the modern marketing department is telling the Instagrams from the Meerkats.

It's a truism, but if your mum can see it, younger users are going to move elsewhere. I expect to see 'private' platforms like messaging apps increase their share against 'public' ones like Facebook as users take more control of who sees what.

Focusing on how you can put your message in front of people, instead of how you can get more people to pay attention to your message is one outdated practice I still find commonplace in marketing.

If I could change people’s views on one thing during my time on stage at Publish Or Perish, it would be that reach is important, sure - but real value lies in engagement.

Netflix is nailing it in terms of content marketing right now. Not just the big native advertising projects they run, but the detail - for example making the Stranger Things DVD look like an old, worn VHS.

The New York Times do amazing things so often, you come to expect it as standard.

Michael was a speaker at our inaugural Publish or Perish event at the Science Gallery last year.
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