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Far From Avocados By Far From Avocados • November 8, 2017

Jennie McGinn, Ecommerce Consultant: 'Thinking Around Influencer Marketing In Ireland Is Extremely Outdated'

Jennie is a consultant specialising in digital strategy and brand-building in the fashion and lifestyle ecommerce space. We caught up with her ahead of her talk '7 Ways To Make Your Content Go Further: From Reshares To Repackaging' at last year's Publish Or Perish to discuss influencer marketing, content as a sales-driver and more...

The fashion ecommerce players that are dominating the market are 1) online-only pure plays with huge marketing spend and 2) heritage brands with deep story-telling abilities – everyone else is struggling.

In 5 year's time, the entire concept of influencer marketing will be outdated, VR fitting rooms will be the norm for online shopping and direct-to-consumer brands will lead the way in marketing initiatives.

 One of the biggest challenges for marketing departments is to resist the lure of reactive short-term marketing efforts. The second biggest challenge is influencer marketing – truly understanding the difference between brand alignment and sales channels.

Being dismissive of content is a commonplace attitude in marketing departments! As is leaving content to the end when strategy-planning.

Content is not king – it can give you a competitive edge in a crowded market. If I could change people's views on one thing during my time on stage at Publish Or Perish it would be that content marketing can be done in a cost-effective way. A single piece of content can be repurposed seven ways.

From an e-commerce perspective, content is a critical sales driver. But more than that content is a value-add. The perception of “giving-back” is a key component in the sales funnel. Content is also a brilliant tool to build a brand and a brand story.

Girl Boss from Sophia Amoruso is nailing it in terms of content marketing right now. Amoruso has converted all her learnings from the collapse of Nasty Gal into extremely high-value content, resulting in Girl Boss: a lean, mean, millennial-business content marketing dream.

I couldn’t do without Business Of Fashion and Glossy for fash-tech news or Girl Boss for excellent business content.

Jennie was a speaker at our inaugural Publish or Perish event at the Science Gallery last year.
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