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Intercom's John Collins Announced As Publish OR Perish Keynote Speaker

By Far From Avocados

And our keynote speaker is...

John Collins, Director of Content at Intercom! Located right here in Dublin, John heads up a team that produces the kind of content that makes us get out of bed and go to work in the morning - rich, valuable content that makes other brands simmer with envy.

A journalist with more than 20 years' experience covering technology and business for Irish and international publications, he's responsible for establishing the the integrated customer communications platform as a world leader in content marketing.

A sophisticated editorial resource

John's headline talk: 'How content helped us grow our business from $1m to $50m'  will give invaluable insight into the real-life startup-to-success story of Intercom, now one Silicon Valley's fastest-growing SaaS brands, proving that when it's done properly, content marketing can effectively drive ROI.

As head of the award-winning Inside Intercom blog he has built a sophisticated editorial resource that uses content marketing to successfully drive leads and strengthen the Intercom brand around the globe. AND he's also probably the only person to have interviewed Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Moby and Felix the Housecat.

Though not at the same time.

To hear John's keynote address at Ireland’s first dedicated conference content, click here Publish or Perish: The Content Conference on November 10, and further information on all of our speakers.

Far From Avocados
Written by Far From Avocados

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