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Far From Avocados By Far From Avocados • November 8, 2017

Camille Donegan, Silver Branch: 'Virtual Reality Is Not A Fad - This Time It’s Here To Stay'

Camille Donegan, cofounder of Silver Branch is a virtual reality consultant and content producer with a career spanning technology and the arts. She runs VR and AR workshops tailored to clients' needs, across a variety of sectors, as well as VR Community Ireland, a meetup for artists, technologists, psychologists, academics and VR enthusiasts.We caught up with her ahead of her talk 'How VR And AR Are About To Change The Face Of Content Marketing' at last November's Publish Or Perish conference...

Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware is literally changing by the day. In just the last few weeks alone there have been several exciting progressions with new lower price cinematic VR cameras and standalone headsets coming into the mix.

I've been somewhat obsessed with Virtual Reality since first discovering the Doghouse art installation at the Digital Biscuit conference in 2014.

At Silver Branch we work with a team of creatives to bring client stories to life in ways that are completely unique to these immersive new mediums.

In 5 year's time, light field cameras will definitely be a game changer. This advance will bring with it seamless, live action interactivity.

The possibilities already being presented by trackers for live motion capture that can then be mapped onto a 3D model are astounding. It will revolutionise how animation, traditionally a laborious and slow process, is created.

The current hardware scramble both in AR and VR makes it challenging for developers and studios to focus on the content creation for particular platform. I look forward to when the platforms consolidate and the dev. team can focus their time, energy and money on creating great content instead of content that can work on both Mobile VR (e.g. Samsung Gear) and Room Scale VR (e.g. HTC Vive) solutions.

There is no such thing as bad VR, just badly designed content. If people have a bad first hit of VR, they won’t come back for more and will tell their friends it's rubbish! A bad VR experience can make the user physically sick. There are UX guidelines to prevent this. Research shows that someone’s first VR hit is up to 70% more impactful then any subsequent experience so it’s important that it’s a good one!

Scattergun email marketing campaigns and auto subscription lists are outdated yet commonplace. I can barely find my real emails with all the inbox clutter.

If I could change people’s views on one thing during my time on stage at Publish Or Perish, it would be that VR is not a fad - this time it’s here to stay! The hardware is (pretty much) there and (pretty much) affordable.

There's no war between AR and VR - neither is going to win this perceived 'race' that people keep talking about!

Humans are meaning-making-machines. If something is not meaningful or interesting to us it will be discarded. I like to believe it’s part of our evolution as a people but it’s probably more to do with the fact that we were so overwhelmed with the constant bombardment of ads that we chose to focus on the bits that interested us, and the medium emerged from there.

Authentic storytelling and building long standing client relationships seems to be replacing hard-hitting sales technique - which warms my heart!

Chris Milk (the godfather of VR) is nailing VR with his Within platform. He describes VR as the medium of human experience and the content on that platform is beautifully crafted and inspiring. Several of the pieces are funded by the New York Times. Smart move!

Ikea’s practical AR app lets you see their products with beautiful high fidelity 3D renders in a room in your house - they're definitely giving the people what they want in a relevant way.

I listen to podcasts from philosophers Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle to remind me how wonderful it is to be in this actual reality called life!

Camille was a speaker at our inaugural Publish or Perish event at the Science Gallery last year.
If you’d like to find out more – or discover how you can partner with our 2018 event – please click here.

You can follow Camille on Twitter here and visit the Silver Branch website here

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