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Alan Bennett, HeadStuff: 'The Biggest Challenge In Ireland Is That Podcasts Are Not Taken Seriously As A Viable Marketing Option'

By Far From Avocados

HeadStuff is a cultural media website and podcast network that also organises events. Founder Alan Bennett joined our podcasting panel at Publish Or Perish. We sat down with him ahead of the conference to discuss the podcasting sector in Ireland and how he imagines it will evolve in 5 year's time...

In five year's time, podcasts will be mainstream and the biggest podcasts will be household names, like The Great British Bake Off, which apparently everyone watches. I won't sound the death knell for radio, I think it will continue to exist, but it will probably change a good bit.

10 enthralled listeners are better than 10,000 oblivious, listeners who flit in and out. It shouldn't be all about numbers, it should be about the quality of the audience that makes up your numbers.

At HeadStuff, we're trying to build a platform for people who have something worthwhile to say, or creative to share. We have a large audience and they're with us because we believe in good ideas, and well-made bits of culture and thought.,

The biggest challenge right now, in Ireland, is that they're not taking podcasts seriously and seeing them as a viable marketing option.

There's a common misconception that podcasting is niche, or a fad or that they're hard to get into; it's not, podcasts are changing the game, growing at a phenomenal rate - and here to stay!

Content marketing has become so prominent because people are voracious beasts who are insatiable when it comes to information, entertainment or distraction. Brands have since realised the potential in this.

I love Sam Harris's podcast, Waking Up. And Second Captains.

Alan was a speaker at our inaugural Publish or Perish event at the Science Gallery last year.
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Far From Avocados
Written by Far From Avocados

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