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Here's The Full Schedule For This Friday's Publish Or Perish Content Conference

By Aidan Coughlan

Sorry to keep you waiting, folks. But here it is: the full schedule to the inaugural Publish Or Perish content marketing conference, which takes place this Friday.

Split into three stages – including the Main Stage, a listicle-inspired 7 Stage and the Studio space – the schedule covers off just about everything you could possibly need, want or desire to know about content marketing. Plus a little bit more for good measure.

Half-day tickets are now on sale!

We've received a bit of feedback telling us that escaping the office for a full day is nigh-on impossible if you work in the marketing biz and Christmas – in the words of Michael Bolton – is just around the corner. So we've added the option of morning and afternoon half-day tickets, allowing you to get in on the action while still keeping on top of that relentless workload.

ANYHOW. Without further ado, here's the schedule. And don't forget – once you're done, click here for those sweet, delicious tickets!

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Aidan Coughlan
Written by Aidan Coughlan

Co-founder of Far From Avocados (and also of a toddler)

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