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11 Reasons Why No Marketing Manager Should Miss Publish Or Perish – Ireland's First Dedicated Content Conference

By Aidan Coughlan

Still undecided about whether to shell out on Publish Or Perish, eh?

Well, we're not going to pretend we agree with your stance... but we're certainly empathetic enough to try talk you into it (instead of just getting emotionally wounded and telling you we didn't want you to come anyway).

Here are a few reasons that might just swing it for you, interspersed with massive BUY NOW links. Y'know. Just so nobody misses the point. And just to sweeten the deal: use the discount code MARKETINGMANAGER for 10% off tickets!

Update! We've released the full schedule...

Plus half-day tickets are now on sale. Wanna check it out? Click here. Gwan...

1. We’re breaking it all down for you

We’re online journos, and we can’t resist a good listicle (Exhibit A: you're currently reading it). So in that vein, we’re going to be running ‘The 7 Stage’ – where every talk will be delivered in a seven-point format, sparing your precious brain from hard work. It’s a Friday, after all...

2. You’ll get the chance to network without having to actually talk to people

It’s 2017... going up to someone and introducing yourself is so over. That’s why we’ll be setting up a Slack Workspace especially for attendees, allowing you to virtually mingle with other guests, ask questions to speakers, and share your top takeaways from the day.

3. You’ll learn how to write the absolutely perfect thumb-stopping headline for social

Gillian Fitzpatrick, editor of Her.ie and HerFamily.ie, knows a thing or two about grabbing people’s attention on crowded feeds. She’ll be sharing these insights on the 7 Stage... and you won’t believe what happens next.


BUY NOW: Click this really obvious link to get your tickets to Publish Or Perish


4. You'll hear from the world's best content marketing brand, right in its own back garden

We've said it before: ‘be like Intercom’ is the rallying cry of many a marketing director. John Collins, Director of Content with what is surely the best content marketing brand on the planet, will be there on the day to put you precisely on that track.

5. We've bagged a pretty deadly MC

You know. Yer man. With the bag. And the horse.


CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS: Honestly, we'd make this link flash different colours if that was possible


6. You'll hear from the MD of a company that's carried out social media research and analysis for the BBC and The Washington Post

Stephen O'Leary, Managing Director of Olytico, will be sharing his expertise on using social listening and analysis to determine what the right content is for your brand.

7. You'll discover why experienced journalists are so in demand in this field

From Patrick Haughey, who recently left Today FM to become a content editor at Voxpro, to the aforementioned Gillian Fitzpatrick; and from Journal Media's Michael Freeman to our very own Aidan Coughlan – who himself is an alum of Lovin Media, Newstalk and the Indo – we're going to show why these two disciplines have such an overlap.

And, perhaps more to the point, you'll learn about the transferable skills that could aid you as you work on becoming a master of content yourself.


CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS: Come onnnnnnn, be sound


8. You'll get some UX design tips from one of the country's coolest start ups

Lauren Higgs and Danielle from Good as Gold are on a mission to get businesses to wise up to the importance of good design thinking within marketing. They'll discuss how to follow design prowess (branding, websites, UX, UI) with digital strategy to create consistent brand experiences for clients.

9. We'll be holding quick-fire consultancies on the day

We're bringing the principles of agile to content marketing. In a specially set-up booth within the conference area, the Avocados team will be running super-snappy content consultancy sessions for attendees – giving you clear, actionable direction for your brand's content, and even a few headlines and topics to boot.

Like speed-dating, but with more brand talk and less creepiness.


CLICK HERE FOR A SURPRISE: It's definitely not the ticket sales page, we swear.


10. Friday pints!

It wouldn't be complete without retiring to a nearby haunt for a few scoops, now, would it? There, you can continue to network (on Slack, or even face-to-face if you dare) until the wee hours.

11. And finally, you'll (hopefully) avoid being jailed for contempt of court

Remember all those journo skills we spoke about? WELL, they extend beyond just writing and editing to things like defamation, contempt of court, intellectual property and copyright. So basically what we're saying here is, if you don't want to go to jail... buy yer tickets.

Publish Or Perish will take place at the Science Gallery on November 10. Click here for ticketsAnd don't forget: use the discount code MARKETINGMANAGER for 10% off!

We’ve put together an unreal line-up of experts for Ireland's first dedicated content conference, covering everything from automation to attribution, killer headlines to gripping podcasts, and so much more. It's a must-attend for any business looking to arm themselves with the practical skills needed to plan, publish, distribute and measure cracking content.

UPDATE: Half-day tickets now available!

In response to those of you who got in touch to say you couldn't commit to a full day – particularly as Christmas kicks into action – we're now offering half-day tickets for both the morning and afternoon at a cost of just €99. A full schedule will be released shortly... watch this space!

  • John Collins of Intercom – arguably one of the top publishing brands on the planet – will speak about how content took a small Irish start-up to the top of the tech world;
  • Michael Freeman of Journal Media explains how to toe the line between branded content and true editorial value;
  • Roseanna Ellis and Maeve O'Gorman of Vhi tell us how they put content at the heart of a traditional brand – including the development of a 'running buddy' chatbot;
  • Cassie Delaney, Director of Content at Jobbio, will explain how acting like a publisher became a game-changer in the company’s short but highly successful tale to date;
  • Gillian Fitzpatrickeditor of Her.ie and HerFamily.ie, will share the secrets to creating a thumb-stopping headline that will get people clicking on social channels;
  • Matthew Austin and Laura Fannin, Commercial Partners at Hayes Solicitors will give us the low-down on what you need to know to stay legally safe in your content marketing efforts – from issues surrounding intellectual property and copyright to defamation and even contempt;
  • Patrick Haughey will share what he’s learned in his recent transition from journalism, as producer of The Last Word on Today FM, to Content Marketing Manager at Voxpro – and where the skill overlaps and gaps lie between the two closely related disciplines;
  • Stephen O’Leary of Olytico will outline the role social listening can play in a rock-solid content strategy;
  • Danielle O’Connell and Lauren Higgs of Good As Gold will explain how bad design can kill great content – and what you can do to stop that from happening;
  • Much more to be announced...

So once more with feeling. Click here for ticketsAnd use the discount code MARKETINGMANAGER for 10% off!

Aidan Coughlan
Written by Aidan Coughlan

Co-founder of Far From Avocados (and also of a toddler)

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