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Fancy Being Part Of Ireland’s First Dedicated Content Conference? Well, You’ll Need To Act Fast

By Far From Avocados

Far From Avocados is committed to leading a digital transformation across Ireland with content marketing and Publish or Perish: The Content Conference on November 10 will play a key part in this.

I love it already! But, um... what is it?

A first in Ireland, the day-long gathering will equip marketers with the skills they need to plan, distribute and measure cracking content, and the tools to grow their efforts.

Our speakers, experts from the publishing and marketing worlds, will be sharing candid insights and practical lessons on how to create a successful content strategy that aligns to business objectives and tactical best practices to skyrocket their content ROI.

Why should marketers care?

“Today, it’s harder and harder to buy attention. You have to earn it. Earn it today, tomorrow, and five years from now by delivering the most impactful information your customers could ever ask for." ~ Joe Pulizzi

There’s one skill above all others that contributes to success in today’s marketing sphere: the ability to get and hold your audience's attention.

Content is the most effective marketing tool modern marketers have, but they’re misusing it. Marketing departments have became obsessed with digital channels but less concerned about what they publish on them.

What's in it for you?

WELL. By being involved with Publish or Perish, your brand will be affiliated with a credible, authoritative resource on topics that matter to marketers. So there's that.

At the moment, we've got four exclusive packages on offer to brands, with headline branding and main stage and exhibitor space, curated content and tickets to share with your team and your clients all up for grabs. These offers are bundled together to give you an incredible discount, with real-value equivalent of the top-tier platinum package (€7,800) worth a whopping €20,000!

Your involvement will allow your brand to stay relevant in marketing, know the latest trends and how to implement them in your organisation – and get your logo plastered on a fancy backdrop and all our follow-up videos from the day itself, of course.

So act quickly!

How to get involved

You can access our sponsorship deck here for further details – and pop Sinéad O'Reilly a line on sinead@farfromavocados.com or 01-5517253 if you fancy it.

Sure g'wan.

Far From Avocados
Written by Far From Avocados

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