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5 Free Tools And Platforms To Get Your Start-up Rocking

A list of tools that will allow your start-up to dispense with unnecessary processes and increase the overall speed and quality of your work.

Publish Or Perish 2017 Highlights: "Video Killed The Radio Star; Podcasts Will Kill Everybody!"

Highlights from our main stage podcasting panel at Publish Or Perish, hosted by Blindboy Boatclub...

7 Takeaways From Publish Or Perish That Will Convince You To Invest In Content

Marketing managers: check out these key talking points from the inaugural Publish Or Perish...

Camille Donegan, Silver Branch: 'Virtual Reality Is Not A Fad - This Time It’s Here To Stay'

"Humans are meaning-making-machines; if something is not meaningful or interesting it will be discarded..."

Jennie McGinn, Ecommerce Consultant: 'Thinking Around Influencer Marketing In Ireland Is Extremely Outdated'

"Being dismissive of content is an outdated yet commonplace attitude in marketing departments..."

Michael Freeman, The Journal: 'It's A Truism, But If Your Mum Can See It, Younger Users Are Going To Move Elsewhere'

In the media industry nearly every month brings a new platform and a new opportunity says ‎Commercial Creative Director>of Journal Media...

Blindboy Boatclub: 'The Listener Should Be Transcended Off Into A Comfy, Safe Haven Where They Can Be Vulnerable... That's The Podcast Hug'

"Podcasts are these lovely artefacts in modern life..."

Alan Maguire, Roast Chestnuts: 'Christmas TV Movies Operate Outside The Normal Rules; We Wanted To Give Them The Attention They Don’t Normally Get'

'There’s Really No Way Of Knowing If Your Subject Is Too Niche Until You Actually Start Making A Podcast...'

Alan Bennett, HeadStuff: 'The Biggest Challenge In Ireland Is That Podcasts Are Not Taken Seriously As A Viable Marketing Option'

According to HeadStuff founder, podcasting is a game-changer and growing at a phenomenal rate...